Most Popular Musicians on Tour This Spring

Source: Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

With spring just around the corner, Americans will increasingly be looking to take part in activities outside their homes. For many, a top activity will be enjoying some live music.

Thousands of musicians, big and small, will be touring the country and offering entertainment for fans. A few of these acts are among the most popular musicians working today, offering fans a rare opportunity to see them live.

To help navigate the season’s many live music options, 24/7 Tempo has identified the 50 most popular musicians on tour this spring based on online popularity and the number of fans following them on live music-tracking site Songkick.

Some of the most popular acts have been around for some time, garnering legions of fans. Some of these artists — such as Elton John, who is currently on his Farewell Tour — may not be an option for live music fans in the near future.

Plenty of younger artists will also be out on the road this year, with many performing at music festivals. Music lovers are increasingly drawn to music festivals, such as Coachella in California and Bonnaroo in Tennessee, where they can see numerous musicians perform over multiple days. Festival appearances account for the only live performances for some of the most popular musicians of the past year, including Travis Scott and Lana Del Rey. Here are the best artists of 2019.


To identify the most popular musicians on tour this spring, 24/7 Tempo created an index based on the weighted average of the number of fans tracking an artist’s tour dates on the live music-tracking site Songkick as well as the total number of visits to the artist’s Wikipedia page over the past 24 months (as of Feb. 5, 2020). To be considered for the ranking, an artist or band needed to currently have at least one tour date scheduled in the United States and have at least 200,000 fans tracking them on Songkick. The total number of spring shows listed refers to those U.S. dates scheduled between March 19 and June 20.