Most Expensive Places to Get Married in the United States

Source: Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

A wedding is an (ideally) once in a lifetime ceremony and event, celebrating the love and commitment of a couple. As such a special day, people are willing to pay top dollar to make everything beautiful and memorable.

The national average expenditure on a wedding is about $34,000. But in some places, that figure is nearly double — and in one place, the average wedding costs nearly $100,000.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed 2018’s Real Weddings Survey from wedding website The Knot to determine the most expensive places to get married. These locations include specific cities, metro areas, regions, and states.

New trends in marriage, like hiring a wedding planner or having a destination wedding in a tropical paradise far from home, have significantly raised the costs. Even small traditional gestures and practices have been tweaked or removed altogether as a new generation ties the knot in their own way. Here are 26 ways weddings have changed over the last century.

The most expensive places to have a wedding tend to be in major population centers with relatively high incomes. People in these areas, with incomes far exceeding the U.S. median annual household income of nearly $60,000, have more disposable income and savings to spend on big events like weddings. These are the richest cities in America.