Longest-Running Prime-Time Shows in History

Source: Courtesy of Broadway Video

45. Lassie (1954-1973)
> Series run: 19 years
> Network: CBS
> Genre: Adventure drama
> IMDb user rating: 6.6

This long-running drama followed the eponymous quick-witted collie and her human companions. The first decade of seasons featured a repetitive plotline in which Lassie’s young owner (Jeff and then Timmy) would find himself in danger only to have the dog inevitably save the day.

Source: Courtesy of A+E Networks

44. Biography (1987-2006)
> Series run: 19 years
> Network: Biography Channel
> Genre: Documentary
> IMDb user rating: 7.7

Each episode in this documentary series details the life of a notable person in history. Over the years, “Biography” has profiled a variety of characters, from scientists to ,agicians to political revolutionaries.

Source: Courtesy of American Broadcasting Company

43. The Bachelor (2002-present)
> Series run: 19 years
> Network: ABC
> Genre: Romance reality
> IMDb user rating: 3.2

The success of this elimination-style reality dating show — in which a single man must date and eventually select a potential wife from a pool of eligible women — has led to multiple spin-offs and international editions.

Source: Courtesy of Fox Business Network

42. Lou Dobbs Tonight (1980-2000)
> Series run: 20 years
> Network: CNN
> Genre: Editorial
> IMDb user rating: 3.2

Originally entitled “Moneyline,” “Lou Dobbs Tonight” was a financial news program that offered economic and political commentary. Host Dobbs often welcomed politicians and economists to discuss key issues on the economy.

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41. Evans, Novak, Hunt & Shields (1982-2002)
> Series run: 20 years
> Network: CNN
> Genre: Political discussion
> IMDb user rating: No rating available

A rotating cast of political commentators hosted this political segment, interviewing top politicians including House and Senate leaders, defense secretaries, and U.S. ambassadors.