Longest-Running Prime-Time Shows in History

Source: Courtesy of Public Broadcasting Service

5. The Victory Garden (1975-present)
> Series run: 46 years
> Network: PBS
> Genre: Gardening
> IMDb user rating: 7.5

Initially called “Crockett’s Victory Garden,” this instructional home gardening show offers tips and guidance on all aspects of gardening including propagation, greenhouse construction, pruning, and pest control, as well as various other outdoor activities.

Source: Courtesy of National Broadcasting Company

4. Saturday Night Live (1975-present)
> Series run: 46 years
> Network: NBC
> Genre: Variety
> IMDb user rating: 8

A sketch comedy show that has given many now-famous actors and comedians their on-screen start, “Saturday Night Live” features a rotating cast and a celebrity guest host who perform sketches that parody current events, politics, and American life.

Source: Courtesy of Public Broadcasting Service

3. Nova (1974-present)
> Series run: 47 years
> Network: PBS
> Genre: Science
> IMDb user rating: 8.7

This science documentary series explores every aspect of science including historical discoveries, new research, global warming, current health issues, architecture, astronomy, and weather.

Source: Courtesy of Univision

2. Sabado Gigante (1962-2015)
> Series run: 53 years
> Network: Univision
> Genre: Spanish programming
> IMDb user rating: 5.8

A Spanish-language entertainment show, “Sabado Gigante” featured a variety of live performances as well as games, human-interest stories, beauty pageants, dance competitions, comedy sketches, and more.

Source: Courtesy of CBS

1. 60 Minutes (1968-present)
> Series run: 53 years
> Network: CBS
> Genre: News magazine
> IMDb user rating: 7.4

This reporter-centered news series features investigative journalism and focuses on in-depth interviews, celebrity profiles, current events, and human-interest stories. It is widely renowned as one of the best television news broadcasts ever.