Longest-Running Prime-Time Shows in History

Source: Courtesy of National Geographic Society

10. National Geographic Explorer (1985-present)
> Series run: 36 years
> Network: National Geographic
> Genre: Documentary
> IMDb user rating: 8

This award-winning documentary series tells in-depth stories about world and historical events, scientific discoveries, and current social and political issues.

Source: Courtesy of Public Broadcasting Service

9. Frontline (1983-present)
> Series run: 38 years
> Network: PBS
> Genre: Public affairs
> IMDb user rating: 8.6

An investigative documentary series, “Frontline” explores current affairs in the realms of international issues, environmental disasters, terrorism, domestic sociopolitical topics, criminal justice, and more.

Source: Courtesy of Public Broadcasting Service

8. Nature (1982-present)
> Series run: 39 years
> Network: PBS
> Genre: Documentary
> IMDb user rating: 8.9

This multiple Emmy award-winning wildlife series focuses on various plants, animals, ecosystems, and scientific explorations of animal behavior, history, and evolution.

Source: Courtesy of PBS International

7. This Old House (1979-present)
> Series run: 42 years
> Network: PBS
> Genre: Home improvement
> IMDb user rating: 7.7

“This Old House” is an instructional home improvement show. Originally offering DIY tips for homeowners renovating older houses, but now featuring more luxury homes, with work performed by skilled craftspeople and contractors.

Source: Courtesy of American Broadcasting Company

6. 20/20 (1978-present)
> Series run: 43 years
> Network: ABC
> Genre: News magazine
> IMDb user rating: 6.6

Originally an investigative news report focusing on human interest stories, “20/20” — like many other long-running news shows — has shifted its aim to covering primarily true crime investigations as well as celebrity scandals.