Iconic Gadgets Released Since the 1950s

Source: mwichary / Flickr

America’s tech industry has been thriving for decades. Driven by a desire for convenience, people have created some amazing gadgets that have changed everyday life.

Some of the products that were once a mainstay have become obsolete, replaced by the smartphone. Others were considered super cool and innovative, and even seemed like lifesavers.

24/7 Tempo compiled a list of pioneering technology that was invented almost every year since the 1950s. We reviewed technology company websites, reference materials, and industry and general media sources. We considered products that have significantly changed the way people perform everyday tasks, work, or communicate.

While some of the inventions on the list are out of commission, others have stood the test of time. They are so common we no longer even consider them revolutionary — here are 20 ancient inventions we still use today.