Greatest Teams in the History of Every Sport

Source: George Rose / Getty Images

15. 1984 San Francisco 49ers
> League: NFL
> Record: 15-1
> Point differential: 15.5 points per game

With Joe Montana at quarterback and Ronnie Lott leading the defense, the 1984 San Francisco 49ers dominated opponents, winning their games handily. They continued dominating in the playoffs, winning each postseason game by double digits.

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14. 2014-15 Golden State Warriors
> League: NBA
> Record: 67-15
> Point differential: 10.1 points per game

In 2014, the Golden State Warriors took the NBA by storm with their fast-paced, 3-pointer heavy offense. Steph Curry averaged 23.8 points per game on his way to NBA MVP honors and the team won their first of three titles in a four-year span.

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13. 1966-67 Philadelphia 76ers
> League: NBA
> Record: 68-13
> Point differential: 9.4 points per game

In his prime, Wilt Chamberlain was simply unstoppable. He averaged 24 points and rebounds while shooting 68.3% from the field during his 1966-67 season with the Philadelphia 76ers. Philly had the NBA’s top-scoring offense and one of the best defenses, winning 68 games and the NBA title.

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12. 1972 Miami Dolphins
> League: NFL
> Record: 14-0
> Point differential: 15.3 points per game

The 1972 Miami Dolphins are still the only team in the Super Bowl era to complete an entire regular season undefeated, then go on to win the Super Bowl. These Dolphins had the NFL’s top offense and defense, both in terms of points and yards.

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11. 1991-92 Chicago Bulls
> League: NBA
> Record: 67-15
> Point differential: 10.4 points per game

Few teams in recent NBA history have been as dominant as the Chicago Bulls during their two three-peats and each individual team has attained greatness. But the 1991-92 team stands out after winning the second title in Bulls history. NBA MVP Michael Jordan averaged over 30 points per game and the Bulls won the average game by over 10 points.