Fast Food Dishes We’d Like to See Back on the Menu

Source: Courtesy of Taco Bell

11. Volcano taco
> Chain: Taco Bell

A crispy dark red taco shell with a filling of ground beef, lettuce, and spicy, cheesy “lava sauce,” this was an unusually fiery offering from the chain, which may explain why it was removed from the menu, not once but (after a reappearance) twice.

Source: ANGHI / iStock via Getty Images

12. Cheesarito
> Chain: Taco Bell

The cheesarito was a great snack — taco cheese, scallions, and salsa wrapped inside a flour tortilla and warmed until the cheese melted. Though it is no longer officially offered, fans report that it can usually be ordered as a “secret menu” option.

Source: LauriPatterson / iStock via Getty Images

13. Angus three cheese and bacon sandwich
> Chain: Arby’s

Appearing in 2011, this involved sliced premium Black Angus beef, pepper bacon, melted cheddar and Swiss, and parmesan peppercorn ranch sauce on a toasted roll from Philadelphia’s renowned Amarosa bakery — really a first-class sandwich. It’s nowhere to be found on the chain’s menu today.

Source: jeepersmedia / Flickr

14. Whopperito
> Chain: Burger King

The Whopper, of course, is this chain’s signature burger and the Whopperito, born in 2016, was basically a Whopper wrapped in a flour tortilla instead of served on a bun — the differences being that the “burger” was ground beef with taco seasoning, and queso cheese sauce took the place of the usual condiments. It didn’t last long, and though a 2017 Facebook page was devoted to encouraging its return, it is no longer available.

Source: theimpulsivebuy / Flickr

15. Brunch burger
> Chain: Jack in the Box

Introduced in 2013, the brunch burger upped the ante on the usual croissant breakfast sandwich by adding a burger patty, hash browns, and mayo to the standard filling of fried egg, bacon, and cheese. The sandwich disappeared for a time but reappeared as part of the chain’s Brunchfast promotion in 2016. It has since gone away again