Fashion Trends Only 90s Kids Will Remember

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16. Plaid skirts

Plaid skirts are vintage mid-90s. They were often paired with long- or short-sleeved turtlenecks. Modern versions are sometimes longer, reaching below the knee, and paired with long boots.

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17. Platform shoes

Platform shoes were in vogue in the ’90s, and before then in the ’70s — and many of the most popular celebrities at the time were seen wearing them. The thick soles — some of which were also quite high — go back to ancient times when the Greeks used to wear them to appear taller during theatre performances.

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18. Rollerblades

Rollerblades are inline skates that usually came in neon colors. They were everyone’s hobby and pastime in the ’90s.

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19. Skirt suits

One of the most famous women to ever wear skirt suits in the ’90s was Princess Diana. Skirt suits were part of a style that the Los Angeles Times called in 1992 “soft, relaxed dressing.”

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20. Slip skirts and dresses

Slip skirts and dresses were a summer wardrobe staple in the ’90s. The woman mostly associated with the style at the time was super model Kate Moss.