Fashion Trends Only 90s Kids Will Remember

Source: Gilitukha / iStock via Getty Images

1. Acid-wash and ripped jeans

In the mid-1990s it seemed like anywhere you turned you saw at least a few people with either acid-wash or ripped denim. The trend is making it back to the forefront of 2020s fashion.

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2. Animal print dresses

Leopard print dresses were vintage ’90s. There hardly was a celebrity not photographed wearing one — either on the street or on a magazine cover.

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3. Bike backward caps

Cycling caps, usually worn backwards, were a staple in men’s fashion in the early ’90s. Bike caps made a short-lived return in the mid-2010s. This time people were seen wearing them forward.

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4. Bucket hat

Bucket hats were the ultimate ’90s fashion. They are actually quite useful against a blazing sun, which may be why they appear to be a streetwear staple again.

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5. Butterfly clips

Butterfly clips were some of the simplest typical late ’90s accessories. For a while it seemed like just about every popular female character on TV wore them.