Every State’s Travel Guide for Residents and Visitors

Source: Sandy Huffaker / Getty Images News via Getty Images

Most U.S. states imposed limitations on interstate and international travel shortly after the coronavirus began to spread across the country in the beginning of February. Five months later, with most of the country open to some extent, many travel bans and requirements are also being lifted. Some states, however, are imposing new restrictions due to a surge of new COVID-19 cases.

24/7 Tempo reviewed executive orders from state governors, travel advisories, and guidelines from public health and tourism departments to find and list travel restrictions that are still in place in every state.

Nationwide, travelers coming from Brazil, China, Iran, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and countries from the European Schengen Area are not allowed to enter the United States based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention travel advisories. On a state level, only Hawaii has a measure in place that prohibits visitors who refuse to quarantine for 14 days from leaving the airport.

People can still plan summer vacations and road trips, though travelers have to be cautious, wear masks, avoid crowds, and practice good hygiene. States are slowly welcoming back visitors as the majority of popular attractions in the country are reopening — these are the most beautiful attractions in the U.S.