COVID-19 Update: What Worries the Experts the Most

Source: Al Bello / Getty Images News via Getty Images

While the pace of the growth of COVID-19 has slowed across the country — it’s rising at less than half the rate it was seven weeks ago — the confirmed U.S. case count has reached 28,904,197 — about 25% of the world’s total.

Similarly, though total cases number 519,014 to date, the pace of daily deaths from the disease is now about half what it was in mid-January.

As another measure of improvement, hospitalizations across the country have dropped below 50,000 for the first time in four months.

Yet, worries remain, and one of the most recent voices of concern came from the White House, through Rochelle Wolensky, M.D., just appointed by President Biden as director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These are some things that concern her.