Completely Different Movies With the Same Names

Source: Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

Thousands of movies are released every year in Hollywood and all over the world. As original as some titles are – they may never be another “Dude, Where’s My Car?” – it’s hard to avoid repetitions. Every once in a while, a film with exactly the same title as another is released.

To identify 24 movies that have completely different plots but have the same title, 24/7 Tempo reviewed nearly 3,000 movies. Remakes were excluded.

Maybe film producers and directors did not check IMDb for reference before choosing the movie title, and maybe they named their production after a well-known movie intentionally for the purposes of marketing. Sometimes that trick works and the newer flick becomes more popular.

The movie business has been accused, not without some justification, of lacking in imagination. While some movies may have the same title, much of what gets released these days is derivative of once groundbreaking original films — these are 20 movies they just can’t stop remaking