Biggest Hit Singles of 2021 — So Far

Source: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

The No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 is sought after by emerging and established artists alike, and an appearance in that position indicates that a song is a bona fide big hit.

To identify the biggest hit singles of 2021 so far, 24/7 Tempo reviewed the tracks that peaked at No. 1 at least once this year on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, as of September 25, 2021. The 23 songs on this list are ranked by their number of weeks at No. 1. Each song’s total number of weeks on the Hot 100 is also included. 

Newer artists to top the charts include breakthrough singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo and the Korean pop band BTS. Rodrigo had two singles achieve the top spot — “good 4 u” and “Driver’s License” — both acclaimed for their evocative melodies and powerful vocals. 

BTS was formed in 2010, but released their first entirely English language song, “Dynamite,” only in 2021. This was followed by two more English-language songs, all three of which reached No. 1. (See the artists with the most No. 1 hits.)

The Weeknd broke records for his song “Blinding Lights,” which impressively remained in the Billboard’s Top 10 for 90 straight weeks. Mariah Carey broke a different record when her holiday classic “All I Want for Christmas,” topped the charts for the fourth consecutive year — despite having been released originally in 1994. (These are the most popular hit singles of the 21st century.)