36 Cities With the Most Luxury Hotels

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16. Vancouver, BC, Canada
> No. of 4- and 5-diamond hotels: 17
> Population: N/A
> Annual visitors: 10.3 million in 2017

A coastal city surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and British Columbia’s Coast Mountains, Vancouver is a destination for wilderness adventurers and urban explorers. The city’s two 5-diamond hotels and 15 4-diamond hotels feature bonuses like live music, rooftop pools, fire pits, and steam rooms. Accommodations start at around $200 per night.

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15. San Antonio, TX, United States
> No. of 4- and 5-diamond hotels: 18
> Population: 1,486,521
> Annual visitors: 39 million in 2018

Known for its River Walk and home of the Alamo, San Antonio sees more visitors than any other Texas city on our list. Some of its luxury hotels are housed in historic buildings, and many are in prime locations overlooking the River Walk. Rooms start around $150 per night.

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14. Lake Buena Vista, FL, United States
> No. of 4- and 5-diamond hotels: 19
> Population: 04
> Annual visitors: 20.9 million in 2018

Lake Buena Vista, a municipality controlled by Disney World, is home to one 5-diamond and 18 4-diamond hotels. Guests have many themed lodges to choose from, including a Polynesian Village with a volcano-themed waterslide and a rustic lodge modeled after a Yellowstone inn, complete with a working replica of Old Faithful.

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13. San Francisco, CA, United States
> No. of 4- and 5-diamond hotels: 19
> Population: 870,044
> Annual visitors: 25.8 million in 2018

Although the San Francisco metro area is the most expensive to live in the United States, its 4- and 5-diamond hotels are surprisingly affordable, compared to those in other cities. Rooms with great views of the city start around $150 per night.

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12. New Orleans, LA, United States
> No. of 4- and 5-diamond hotels: 20
> Population: 389,648
> Annual visitors: 18.5 million in 2018

Although no New Orleans hotels received 5-diamond designation, the 20 4-diamond hotels can cater to a wide range of tastes. Whether you want an in-house casino, fine dining with live music, or a carousel bar, you can find accommodations starting around $200 per night.