36 Cities With the Most Luxury Hotels

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31. Charleston, SC, United States
> No. of 4- and 5-diamond hotels: 12
> Population: 133,762
> Annual visitors: 7.3 million in 2018

This charming southern harbor city has 12 4-diamond hotels, many of which are housed in beautifully maintained historic buildings. Basic rooms average around $400 per night, though some can be reserved for as low as $249 per night. One hotel welcomes guests with champagne and ladyfingers, while multiple hotels host daily wine and cheese receptions, as well as offering milk and cookies in the evenings.

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30. San Diego, CA, United States
> No. of 4- and 5-diamond hotels: 12
> Population: 1,401,932
> Annual visitors: 35.8 million in 2018

San Diego has a single 5-diamond hotel on a sprawling estate with a golf course, six restaurants, four pools, and tennis courts. Rooms start around $440 per night. As for this coastal city’s 4-diamond hotels, they range from modern bayside highrises with private balconies to historic landmark buildings complete with chandeliers, and rooms in those hotels sometimes go as low as $250 per night.

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29. Mexico City, DF, Mexico
> No. of 4- and 5-diamond hotels: 13
> Population: N/A
> Annual visitors: 13.5 million in 2017

The capital of Mexico has two 5-diamond and 11 4-diamond hotels. Amenities at the 5-diamond establishments may include a personal butler for every room, saunas, and deep soaking tubs in marble-lined bathrooms, with rooms ranging from $300-$1,300 per night. Of the 4-diamond hotels, some of the luxury amenities are a heliport, a lobby of art exhibits, a rooftop pool, and even a temazcal (Mayan sweat lodge). Rooms start at $200 per night.

28. Dallas, TX, United States
> No. of 4- and 5-diamond hotels: 14
> Population: 1,318,806
> Annual visitors: 27.2 million in 2017

Of the 14 4-diamond hotels in Dallas, some have spectacularly unique amenities, including a water park with a lazy river, a revolving restaurant lounge with a panoramic skyline view, and a complementary chauffeured Bentley for short outings near the hotel. Rooms start around $220 per night and run up to $1,000 per night.

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27. Orlando, FL, United States
> No. of 4- and 5-diamond hotels: 14
> Population: 275,690
> Annual visitors: 75 million in 2018

In 2018, Orlando had more tourist visitors than any city with 10 or more 4- or 5-diamond hotels. Being a family-oriented vacation destination, it’s no surprise that Orlando’s luxury hotels have fun features like waterslides, lazy rivers, and free shuttles to SeaWorld. Of course, golf courses and spas abound for those who wish to skip the kid-friendly attractions. Rooms can be found for as low as $150 per night.