Animals Roaming Freely While Humans Are in Lockdown

Source: tontantravel / Flickr

16. Macaques monkeys
> Location where seen: Lopburi, Thailand

The macaque monkeys ran amok through the streets of Lopburi, Thailand, in early March. The city is famous for its sprawling monkey population, which is fed by tourists. With the pandemic reducing tourism, the primates fanned out looking for food and brawled over what food they could find. There are five types of macaques in Thailand, and three of them — the stump-tailed macaque, Assam macaque, and the pig-tailed macaque — are considered vulnerable or near threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.

Source: noipornpan / Getty Images

17. Mountain lions
> Location where seen: Boulder, Colorado

Residents of Boulder, Colorado, might be glad the pandemic is keeping them inside. In late March, several mountain lions were spotted prowling through a residential section of northern Boulder.

Source: nerudol / Getty Images

18. Killer whales
> Location where seen: Indian Arm, Vancouver, British Columbia

A pod of killer whales ventured into Indian Arm, a salt-water fjord near Vancouver in British Columbia. Jim Hanson, who lives in the area, posted photos of the massive animals, tweeting that it was the first time he had seen whales that far up the waterway in his 59 years of coming to the area.

Source: Photo by Frédéric Soltan / Corbis via Getty Images

19. Penguins
> Location where seen: Simon’s Town, South Africa

A waddle of African penguins, taking advantage of the lockdown in South Africa, took in the sights of Simon’s Town, a neighborhood of Cape Town. The animals are also known as “jackass” penguins because of their “loud, donkey-like bray,” according to the conservation organization Bird Life. There is an African penguin colony adjacent to Simon’s Town. The African penguins are only found in South Africa and Namibia and considered endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, which says there are 50,000 adult African penguins.

Source: timurka / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

20. Raccoons
> Location where seen: San Felipe, Panama

With fewer tourists cavorting in the surf this spring, the empty beach at San Felipe, Panama, was left for raccoons to call their own.