America’s Best Places to Eat in 2021, According to Yelp

America’s Best Places to Eat in 2021, According to Yelp

Pandemic closures have been particularly tough on the restaurant business. The National Restaurant Association estimates roughly 110,000 restaurants have shuttered either temporarily and permanently as patrons ate at home to avoid COVID-19. (These are the saddest restaurant closings of 2020.)

Most states have lifted pandemic-inspired restaurant restrictions, however, and diners are venturing forth again. According to a Morning Consult poll this month, 70% of diners say they now feel comfortable eating in restaurants, though outdoor dining remains preferable to indoor. 

The review site Yelp asked its users, in December, to send in lists of the eating places they most looked forward to patronizing again in 2021. 24/7 Tempo is showcasing their top 25 choices. (For more dining-out recommendations, see this list of the one can’t-miss restaurant in every state.)

Yelp’s list of the top places to eat in 2021 is based on thousands of suggestions sent into the site in response to their request in December for users to name the restaurants they most looked forward to visiting as pandemic restrictions are lifted this year. The choices, according to Yelp, are “representative of the uniqueness of our community and…powered by the people.”

This isn’t a roster of Michelin-starred establishments or trendy hangouts. The places listed here serve everything from Ethiopian fare to sushi, pasta to barbecue. A hot dog joint, a saloon, an ice cream parlor, and a coffee shop made the list. And the No. 1 most anticipated restaurant is a women-owned vegan café. If this list shows anything, it’s that American diners have wide-ranging tastes. 

Source: Photo by Linda T. via Yelp

25. Pho Haus
> Location: Denver, Colorado

Source: Photo by Jorge Alberto P. via Yelp

24. Chris’s Ice Cream
> Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Source: Photo by Vanny C. via Yelp

23. Los Andes Restaurant
> Location: Providence, Rhode Island

Source: Photo by Marissa G. via Yelp

22. Café La Maude
> Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Source: Photo by Moku Roots via Yelp

21. Moku Roots
> Location: Lahaina (Maui), Hawaii

Source: Photo by Karla M. via Yelp

20. Cutbow Coffee Roastology
> Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Source: Photo by The Pasta Shop via Yelp

19. The Pasta Shop
> Location: Denville, New Jersey

Source: Photo by Amanda H. via Yelp

18. Wright’s Barbecue
> Location: Johnson, Arkansas

Source: Photo by Angela C. via Yelp

17. Juan’s Flaming Fajitas & Cantina
> Location: Henderson, Nevada

Source: Photo by Chris H. via Yelp

16. Tacos Doña Lena
> Location: Houston, Texas

Source: Photo by Aditi D. via Yelp

15. Tasty Pizza
> Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Source: Photo by Tiffany Z. via Yelp

14. Sushi J
> Location: Bellevue, Washington

Source: Photo by Amy L. via Yelp

13. La Finca Bowls
> Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Source: Photo by Blake R. via Yelp

12. Jack of Cups Saloon
> Location: Folly Beach, South Carolina

Source: Photo by Nova Kitchen & Bar via Yelp

11. Nova Kitchen & Bar
> Location: Garden Grove, California

Source: Photo by Kenty C. via Yelp

10. Enat Ethiopian Restaurant
> Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Source: Photo by James L. via Yelp

9. Intentional Food Cafe and Market
> Location: Mesa, Arizona

Source: Photo by Song Z. via Yelp

8. 1618 Asian Fusion
> Location: Austin, Texas

Source: Photo by Leah L. via Yelp

7. Halls Chophouse
> Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Source: Photo by Alejandro B. via Yelp

6. Arun’s Indian Kitchen
> Location: Coral Springs, Florida

Source: Photo by Rochelle M. via Yelp

5. Simon’s Hot Dogs
> Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Source: Photo by Michelle H. via Yelp

4. Heat Da Spot
> Location: Washington, D.C.

Source: Photo by Local Expedition Wood Fired Grill via Yelp

3. Local Expedition Wood Fired Grill
> Location: Alpharetta, Georgia

Source: Photo by Mazra via Yelp

2. Mazra
> Location: San Bruno, California

Source: Photo by Storm D. via Yelp

1. Kelley Farm Kitchen
> Location: Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

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