Actors You Don’t Know Are Also Musicians

Source: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Sometimes actors take on roles that involve singing. For some of them, playing a musician on the big screen is about more than just playing a part. For these actors, it comes quite naturally because they are talented musicians in real life.

Many actors double as singers in their spare time and have released their own albums. Some have even enjoyed critical acclaim.

To compile a list of 27 actors who are also musicians, 24/7 Tempo reviewed biographies and discographies of several dozens of actors. We have only included who have released music separately as recording artists. Actors who have released songs only as part of a movie’s soundtrack, such as Bradley Cooper, were excluded.

Several notable superstars first became famous as musicians and gradually transitioned into making movies for a living. Some music icons have even been featured in movies where they can rely on their acting skills, not their singing  — these are 25 pop stars who have played dramatic roles in movies.