50 Strangest Town Names in America (and Where They Came From)

Source: Courtesy of Florence County

31. Coward, South Carolina
> Municipal status: Town
> Population: 711

It’s likely not easy for town residents to say where they’re from, and many amusing moments can ensue. The reality is more straightforward. The town was most likely named after the prominent Coward family, which lived in the county.

Source: rossaroni / Flickr

32. Normal, Illinois
> Municipal status: Town
> Population: 54,808

There’s a joke that this town, originally called North Bloomington, was named for its supposed founder, Abner Normal, known as Ab (get it?). In reality, it was named that because the new state university opened there in 1861 was described as a normal school (an old name for a teachers college).

Source: Image courtesy of Rachel J. via Yelp

33. Box, Oklahoma
> Municipal status: Census-designated place
> Population: 187



Source: Image courtesy of Bill N. via Yelp

34. So-Hi, Arizona
> Municipal status: Census designated place
> Population: 216

So-Hi is another fascinating name of a community in the Grand Canyon State. Geographically, it’s not at a very high elevation — 3,740 feet. And there’s no indication that the name has anything to do with smoking weed either. The name’s origin remains a mystery.

Source: Jeffrey Beall / Wikimedia Commons

35. Parachute, Colorado
> Municipal status: Town
> Population: 1,242

Parachute was so named, it is said, either for the shape of an adjacent creek (called Parachute Creek) or because hunters on the cliffs above the site used to say they need a parachute to get down there.