50 Popular Restaurants That Won’t Reopen After the Pandemic

Source: Courtesy of Hillside Supper Club via Facebook

California: Hillside Supper Club
> Location: San Francisco

When this seven-year-old California-Italian place first closed in mid-March, the owners announced that they’d reopen on April 7 when Northern California’s shelter-in-place order was scheduled to end. When they realized that the closing period would be extended, they made the decision to close for good.

Source: Courtesy of Maria D. via Yelp

California: Locanda
> Location: San Francisco

Specializing in Roman-style pasta dishes, and hailed as a “must-visit Italian restaurant” by the San Francisco Chronicle, this upscale restaurant closed permanently in mid-March. Though it was popular, owner Craig Stoll told the Chronicle, it never made money, and the current crisis made its continued existence untenable.

Source: Courtesy of Viognier via Yelp

California: Viognier Restaurant
> Location: San Mateo

The restaurant at Draeger’s Market in this Silicon Valley community south of San Francisco was originally scheduled to reopen on April 30, but the San Francisco Chronicle reports that a sign posted at the place states that it is now permanently closed.

Source: Courtesy of Alan O. via Yelp

Colorado: 20th Street Café
> Location: Denver

After 74 years in business under three generations of the Okuno family, this neighborhood breakfast-and-lunch establishment has called it quits. The place has survived “up-turns and crazy downturns in the economy,” wrote current owners Rod and Karen Okuno on the restaurant website, “but this final one proved to be insurmountable for our little corner of the world.”

Source: Courtesy of Joe B. via Yelp

Colorado: Euclid Hall Bar and Kitchen
> Location: Denver

This 10-year-old restaurant and bar pulled the plug in mid-March, shortly before Colorado’s governor and Denver’s mayor both temporarily banned indoor dining. Euclid Hall’s lease was to expire in August, but, said a statement issued by the owners, “The cumulative effects of the COVID-19 virus on our business really gave us no choice but to close now.” A later reopening at a different location is under consideration.

Source: Courtesy of Monalisa M. via Yelp

Colorado: The Market at Larimer Square
> Location: Denver

This beloved deli, bakery, market, and espresso bar combination — it was said to have been the first espresso bar between L.A. and New York City — opened in 1983. Its closing isn’t due only to the coronavirus (the proprietor had been considering retiring soon anyway), but the pandemic sped up its demise.

Source: Courtesy of Jackson's Prime via Facebook

Florida: Jackson’s Prime
> Location: Fort Lauderdale

Early in April, this steakhouse, operated by local restaurant veteran Jack Jackson since 2017, announced that it had closed for good due to the coronovirus’s “crippling effect” on the economy.