50 Dangerous Conditions Testing Your Blood Can Help Detect

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36. Herpes
> Common symptoms: Sores and ulcers on genitals
> Confirmation tests: Viral culture, polymerase chain reaction, additional blood tests
> Treatment: No cure, medication for symptoms

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37. Mononucleosis
> Common symptoms: Swollen tonsils, fatigue, fever
> Confirmation tests: Antibody tests, white blood cell count
> Treatment: No treatment available

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38. Leukemia
> Common symptoms: Bone pain, weight loss, nose bleed recurrent
> Confirmation tests: Coagulation panel blood test, bone marrow aspiration
> Treatment: Stem cell transplant, radiation, biological therapy

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39. Early onset Alzheimer’s
> Common symptoms: Memory loss, depression, loss of inhibitions
> Confirmation tests: Physical tests, neurological tests, further blood tests, brain imaging
> Treatment: Cholinesterase inhibitors, Memantine

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40. Stomach cancer
> Common symptoms: Fatigue, bloated feeling, heartburn, stomach pain
> Confirmation tests: Upper endoscopy, imaging tests
> Treatment: Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted drugs