50 Dangerous Conditions Testing Your Blood Can Help Detect

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16. Paget’s disease
> Common symptoms: Flaky skin on nipple, redness, lumps
> Confirmation tests: Physical exam, breast biopsy, sentinel lymph biopsy
> Treatment: Simple mastectomy, lumpectomy

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17. Osteoporosis
> Common symptoms: Back pain, weight loss
> Confirmation tests: Bone density measurement, X-rays
> Treatment: Bisphosphonates, hormone-related therapy

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18. Concussion
> Common symptoms: Confusion, nausea, slurred speech
> Confirmation tests: Neurological examination, review of medical history
> Treatment: Limit physical activity and reading

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19. Colorectal cancer
> Common symptoms: Rectal bleeding, weight loss, weakness
> Confirmation tests: Colonoscopy, further blood tests
> Treatment: Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy

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20. Influenza
> Common symptoms: Fever, headache, sore throat
> Confirmation tests: Physical exam, polymerase chain reaction testing
> Treatment: Liquids, fluids, pain medication