50 Basic Cooking Tips You Should Memorize

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When measuring flour, don’t scoop it with the measuring cup

Scooping straight out of the flour bag can compact flour into the cup, causing you to use way more than you intended. Always stir flour to fluff it up, spoon it gently into the measuring cup, and then level it off with a knife.

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If you bake often, invest in a scale

Weights are much more accurate than volume measurements when baking. Most good recipes will come with ingredient weights.

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If a recipe calls for chilling an ingredient, or letting it rest overnight, do not ignore this

There is a good reason, whether it’s to ensure your cookies don’t spread into each other, or to develop flavors or texture.

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Skip the toothpick test

To test doneness in cakes and cupcakes: gently press the middle of the cake. If it bounces completely back, it’s done.

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Use ice cream scoops to portion cookies and cupcakes

For uniform treats, invest in a few sizes of spring-action ice-cream scoops. This also saves time and is less messy than using two spoons.