45 Amazing Places You Never Knew Existed

Source: mbbirdy / Getty Images

Zlatni Rat, Croatia

Zlatni Rat, which means Golden Cape or Golden Horn, is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterannean. The golden sand beach juts out into turquoise waters that change to deep blue as they recede from the shore.

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Rakotzbr├╝cke Devil’s Bridge, Gablenz, Germany

Commissioned in 1860, this half-circle bridge was built as an aesthetic monument to reflect in the water beneath and appear to form a full circle. It is decorated with stones intended to resemble basalt columns. Visitors are prohibited from walking on the bridge, and as of August 2019, it is reported to be under construction.

Source: faircompanies / Flickr

Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island, Canada

Treehotel in Sweden is not the only treehouse hotel in the world. Free Spirit Spheres in the coastal rainforest of Vancouver Island, Canada, boasts three small, circular pods suspended from the trees that can be rented out nightly.

Source: kevinmgill / Flickr

Richat Structure, Mauritania

This 28-mile wide geologic structure in the Sahara Desert is visible from space and resembles a bullseye. It was once thought to be a crater, but geologists now believe it is the remains of a geological dome that has been eroded to expose the rock layers underneath.

Source: DennyThurstonPhotography / Getty Images

Fly Geyser, Nevada

This colorful water spout on Fly Ranch, Nevada, began forming in 1964, when a geothermal power company drilled a test well at the site and failed to properly cap it. Hot water containing calcium carbonate has been spewing from the hole ever since, leaving deposits that grow a few inches every year and are currently nearly six feet tall.