45 Amazing Places You Never Knew Existed

Source: lightsamples / Flickr

Imagine what went through the mind of the first person to gaze upon the Grand Canyon. Many natural wonders existed long before humankind ever laid eyes on them, and many are probably yet to be discovered.

24/7 Tempo compiled a list of 45 amazing places you never knew existed. These lesser-known locales consist of natural formations, man-made marvels, and rare or strange occurrences that should invigorate your sense of adventure.

Some of these places are so remote that they have remained hidden gems, only witnessed by locals and the most determined of explorers. Others were built by creative people who wished to imbue the world with mystery. No matter how they came to be, these places may inspire you to look around and seek out the marvels in your neck of the woods.

Beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places — here are the must-visit hidden parks in America’s 25 biggest cities — and luckily, you don’t have to visit all to see them but can experience many through the photographs of other avid explorers.


To compile a list of 45 amazing places that are not very popular (yet), 24/7 Tempo reviewed travel magazines such as National Geographic Traveler and travel blogs. We picked places that vary from man-made structures such as unique hotels to naturally formed lakes in national parks. We aimed for a list that represents all seven continents.