30 Popular Restaurants That Won’t Reopen After the Pandemic

Source: Courtesy of The Green Pheasant via Yelp

Tennessee: The Green Pheasant
>Location: Nashville

The Green Pheasant, an izakaya (Japanese bar food) place named Best New Restaurant of 2019 by Nashville Scene, announced in early June that it would not be reopening. Chef Jessica Benefield told the Scene that the pandemic struck the restaurant with “a triple whammy” — meaning that the combination of the downturn in tourism, the cancellation of shows at Ascend Amphitheater across the street, and the fact that more people are working from home instead of in local offices made it unlikely that the izakaya could survive.

Source: Courtesy of Willie W. via Yelp

Texas: Bernie’s Burger Bus
>Location: Houston area

A pioneer of Houston’s food truck scene that grew into a brick-and-mortar restaurant mini-chain, Bernie’s announced that it was going out of business as of May 31. Its four Houston area locations — in Bellaire, Missouri City, Katy, and Houston Heights — have been felled by what owner Justin Turner told Eater Houston was a combination of “accumulating debt, decreased sales, and the rising cost of doing business” in the face of the pandemic.

Source: Courtesy of Highland Park Cafeteria via Facebook

Texas: Highland Park Cafeteria
>Location: Dallas

Known for its zucchini muffins, chicken-fried steak, homemade pies, and other comfort food, this community favorite, opened in 1925, will not reopen. Addressing its customers, a statement on the restaurant website said “We would love to have a farewell event to honor you and our faithful employees, but due to the current restrictions, we won’t be able to do so.” The statement left open the possibility that the place might be revived in the future, adding “So, making no promises — but who knows? Zucchini Muffins may one day make a comeback!”

Source: Courtesy of Montmartre Restaurant DC via Facebook

Washington D.C.: Montmartre
>Location: Washington D.C.

A 19-year-old French bistro in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, Montmartre has shut down for good. Chef Stephane Lezla worries that even with restaurants reopening, the dining-out experience won’t be the same and enough customers might not want to return. He told Eater Washington D.C. that he thinks closing was the right decision. “People need to realize it’s a matter of life, not money,” he said.

Source: Courtesy of Vail I. via Yelp

Wisconsin: Schreiner’s Restaurant
>Location: Fond du Lac

A popular family dining destination since 1938 in this city on Lake Winnebago in eastern Wisconsin, Schreiner’s announced in late May that it was closing its doors. The decision not to reopen, according to a statement on the restaurant website, “was not one that we made easily; unfortunately, it was unavoidable and our only real option given the economics associated with the current pandemic crisis.”