27 Milkshakes With More Calories Than an Entire Meal

Source: Courtesy of Arby's

1. Jamocha Handcrafted Shake (large)
> Chain: Arby’s
> Calories: 950

There are 310 calories in a snack-size Jamocha Handcrafted Shake, and 750 in a medium.

Source: Courtesy of Arby's

2. Vanilla Handcrafted Shake (large)
> Chain: Arby’s
> Calories: 820

This is the “low-cal” entry among Arby’s shakes, with a snack serving coming in at 250 calories and a medium at 630.

Source: Courtesy of Baskin-Robbins

3. OREO Cookies n’ Cream Milkshake (large)
> Chain: Baskin-Robbins
> Calories: 1,440

A woman who wanted to meet a daily calorie goal of 2,000 could enjoy this extravagant shake and still eat one medium-size bagel all day, without butter or cream cheese. Period.

4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Milkshake (large)
> Chain: Baskin-Robbins
> Calories: 1,520

Even a small serving of this shake exceeds 700 calories, at 760.

Source: Courtesy of Burger King

5. Vanilla Shake Made With M&M’s Chocolate Candies
> Chain: Burger King
> Calories: 780

Swapping chocolate for vanilla saves you 60 calories, though at this level, who’s counting?