25 Pop Music Stars Who Played Dramatic Roles in Movies

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Dolly Parton
> Best non-singing movie: Steel Magnolias

This 1989 comedy drama features Parton as Truvy Jones, the owner of a beauty salon in northwestern Louisiana whose philosophy is “there is no such thing as natural beauty.” The salon is the focal point of the story as the women of the town meet up and forge friendships there. Parton shares the screen with an impressive female cast including Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine, Darryl Hannah, Olympia Dukakis, and Julia Roberts.

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Elvis Presley
> Best non-singing movie: Charro!

In this 1969 Western, Elvis Presley stars as Jess Wade, who is blamed by his former gang for stealing a gold-plated victory cannon from Mexico. This is the only Elvis movie in which the rock star does not sing on screen. But he does sing the theme song that plays over the opening credits. The film is considered to be one of his better acting efforts.

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Paul Simon
> Best non-singing movie: Annie Hall

In what is widely considered to be Woody Allen’s best movie, Simon has a supporting role as music producer Tony Lacey, who woos the title character away from Alvy Singer (Allen).

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Frank Sinatra
> Best non-singing movie: The Manchurian Candidate

Frank Sinatra stars in this 1962 political thriller based on Richard Condon’s 1959 novel. Sinatra plays Major Bennett Marco, who uncovers a sinister plot in which a POW in the Korean War was brainwashed to become an assassin.

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Will Smith
> Best non-singing movie: Men in Black

Loosely based on the “Men in Black” comic book series, this film had the third-highest box office receipts of 1997. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones play agents for a secret organization that monitors extraterrestrial beings who live in hiding on earth. It spawned three sequels, two of which also starred Smith and Jones.