25 Pop Music Stars Who Played Dramatic Roles in Movies

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Jennifer Lopez
> Best non-singing movie: Out of Sight

A 1998 crime comedy directed by Steven Soderbergh showcases Lopez as Karen Sisco, a U.S. marshal who is kidnapped by Jack Foley (George Clooney) when he breaks out of prison. A romance between Sisco and Foley muddies the waters as she endeavors to arrest him.

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Lyle Lovett
> Best non-singing movie: The Player

In this 1992 satire, country singer Lovett plays Detective Paul DeLongpre, who investigates the killing of a Hollywood scriptwriter. The culprit is a studio executive who had received death threats after rejecting the writer’s scripts.

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> Best non-singing movie: A League of Their Own

Warren Beatty directed this 1990 movie, in which Madonna plays a baseball player. The New York Times called it “her best role since she made her debut in Susan Seidelman’s ‘Desperately Seeking Susan.'”

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Dean Martin
> Best non-singing movie: Some Came Running

In this 1958 drama directed by Vincente Minnelli, Martin plays Bama Dillert, a gambler with a penchant for alcohol who befriends Dave Hirsh (Frank Sinatra), an Army veteran returning home after World War II. They run into trouble thanks to the ex-girlfriend of a gangster. The New York Times review said, “Engaging, too, is Dean Martin (you’re no more surprised than were we!) as a genial professional poker-player who adopts the hero as a pal.”

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Bette Midler
> Best non-singing movie: Ruthless People

In this 1986 black comedy, Midler is Barbara Stone, the wife of a villainous wealthy businessman played by Danny DeVito. Barbara, played to campy excess by Midler, is abducted. But when the kidnappers demand a ransom, they run into a problem: Her husband had already planned to have her killed.