21 Misconceptions About Down Syndrome That Need Correcting

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11. Down syndrome is not treatable

The conditions associated with Down syndrome — gastrointestinal, vision and hearing problems, heart disease, thyroid abnormalities, lower IQ, autism, and Alzheimer’s disease — can mostly be treated by the relevant specialists.

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12. People with Down syndrome will need to live at home with their parents the rest of their lives

This is not a universal truth by any stretch. Some Down syndrome people can live on their own with outside help, and some with no help at all. Some people with Down syndrome also marry and live with their spouses.

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13. Babies with Down syndrome can’t breastfeed

Babies with Down syndrome can indeed be breastfed. In fact, it is highly recommended by doctors because of the many health and emotional benefits breastfeeding can have on both mother and child.

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14. Down syndrome can be caught

Down syndrome is not contagious. It happens when a baby is born with extra genetic material from chromosome 21, which usually results in an extra chromosome.

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15. Down syndrome can be cured

Down syndrome cannot be cured, but the physical and emotional symptoms can be treated so that people with Down syndrome can lead a fulfilling life.