21 Famous Inventions Named After Their Creator

Source: Douglas Miller / Getty Images

All devices, clothes, and even dishes were invented by someone. But many have become so ingrained in our lives that we don’t even spell them with a capital letter, even when they are technically a person’s name.

The people on this list probably didn’t imagine they would one day be nouns, but this is a great honor. Their designs, some of which were quite accidental, have changed history and how people live and work. These are the 21 most important inventions of the 21st century.

And although some of these inventions were developed centuries ago, they have not faded away — unlike some modern inventions we no longer use — and their names, and creations, are here to stay.

These creative minds have their own classification – eponyms. Merriam Webster defines them as one of whom or of which something is named. Can you think of a better way to claim ownership of something that can never be misrepresented or lost in translation?

To compile a list of 21 famous inventions that were named after their inventor, 24/7 Tempo reviewed over a dozen, reference materials, media sources, and historical articles on inventions that changed history.