20 Ways to Live a Simpler, Happier Life in 2020

Source: Ridofranz / Getty Images

Happiness is one of the most positive emotions people can experience. That joyful feeling is linked to living longer, working hard, performing basic daily activities better as they age, and having stronger immune systems.

Joy is hard to define as it varies from one person to another. Getting to a point where you’re genuinely happy may sound easier said than done. Some factors that affect cheerfulness may be out of your control, but there are many actions you can take to be in a better mood.

24/7 Tempo reviewed dozens of research reviews and articles written by psychologists to compile a list of 20 ways you can amp up your own good feelings.

While the emotion may be difficult to quantify, some general factors that tend to lead to better overall well-being are easier to measure, such as social, financial, and health status — these are the happiest states in America.