20 Big Mistakes Thanksgiving Guests Often Make

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11. Watching football

Once you’re done eating, make sure it’s all right to retire to the couch and watch the parade of football games that are as much an American tradition on Thanksgiving as the turkey.

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12. Hogging the remote

Besides football, television networks air special programming such as parades and holiday-themed movies. Even if that appeals to you, don’t impose your tastes on others.

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13. Going online to shop

Some guests can’t wait to hit the stores on Black Friday and begin prowling for deals while shopping online Thanksgiving night. Your hosts might look askance at that. Besides, history has shown merchants will lower prices as the calendar draws closer to Christmas.

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14. Talking a lot on cell phone

Spending too much time on your cell phone after dinner sends the wrong signal to your hosts. You’re there visiting them, after all. Time is better spent playing games or conversing with other guests.

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15. Talking about testy topics

Choose topics of conversation carefully, especially in this politically divisive climate. The atmosphere can become charged, particularly after a day with a lot of imbibing.