20 Big Mistakes Thanksgiving Guests Often Make

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6. Being late

Travel during the Thanksgiving Day holiday is brutal and one of the busiest times of the year. Last year, the American Automobile Association (AAA) estimated that 54.3 million Americans would travel 50 or more miles from home, the most since 2005. If you’re going to travel to Thanksgiving Day dinner, be sure to allow for extra time.

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7. Coming early

Unless you’re coming ahead of time to help the hosts get ready, arriving early is bad form, especially if you show up while they are still cleaning, setting the table or preparing appetizers.

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8. Bringing unexpected guests

Many times the uninvited guest is someone who has no place to be on Thanksgiving, or college friends arriving with a hosts’ son or daughter. These situations happen, but it’s always best to tell the hosts about uninvited guests ahead of time.

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9. Not offering to help in the kitchen

Most hosts don’t want guests to help out in the kitchen because, after all, they are guests. However, guests should make a good-faith effort, be it serving the food or cleaning afterward. Or even running out to the store to get beverages.

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10. Hanging out in the kitchen

Most hosts prefer that guests do not linger in the kitchen because they get in the way. And guests drinking liquor in the kitchen is not a good idea.