17 Ways Black Friday Has Changed Since the 1950s

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16. Amazon starts countdown to Black Friday deals

Online shopping is changing Black Friday in several ways, one of which is making it easier for bargain hunters to stay on top of deals. Amazon, for example, launched the “Countdown to Black Friday” about a month before the big day. Dozens of “deals of the day” are listed at any given time.

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17. Merchants plan sophisticated sales strategies for the day

Retailers go big on deals (so they don’t have to go home). The average discount in 2018 was 49.6%, a percent higher than the previous year. Writing off half the price is common but some stores offer even better deals — like 70% off — to loyal customers. Brands and big stores now have promotional campaigns coordinated across several channels — TV, email, social media, and websites. There are plenty of deals for the so-called “last-minute shoppers,” too.