17 Tips to Not Gain (More) Weight While Working From Home

Source: Drazen_ / Getty Images

The coronavirus pandemic is slowly releasing its grip on people’s lives as states have been reopening and a few are even allowing employees to return to the office. People are still, however, strongly encouraged to work remotely. So, working from home is here to say, at least for a few more weeks.

That may be bad news for people who hoped to resume their old routine and finally shed the extra pounds they packed on during the lockdown. While there is really just one way to slim down — eating less and moving more — there are several tips to try to not gain any weight while working from home.  

There’s no denying that resisting the urge to snack when the kitchen is at your disposal 24/7 is hard work. Eating a balanced diet is key to keeping the weight off, but not all foods and drinks are created equal – these are some “healthy” foods that are actually ruining your diet.