17 Really Weird Divorce Conditions and Settlements

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16. There is only one legal reason for divorce in Oregon

Oregon is a no-fault state, which means couples don’t have to put the blame on anyone for wanting to end the marriage. They just have to inform the court they want a divorce. While all 50 states allow no-fault grounds for divorce, 17 are “true” no-fault states, meaning that they won’t allow the spouse filing for divorce to cast the blame on their partner for the ending of the marriage.

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17. Four-month waiting period

Even though Wisconsin residents don’t have to prove someone is to blame for the breakdown of their marriage, divorce is not quick. State courts will make the couple wait for some time both to actually get divorced and to tie the knot again. There is a 120-day waiting period to legally become single again once the divorce is officially granted. Neither the wife nor the husband can remarry anywhere in the world for at least six months.