17 Really Weird Divorce Conditions and Settlements

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11. Pay for an ice cream habit

An Indian man said that one reason for wanting to divorce his wife was that she spent a huge portion of the family’s fortune on ice cream. It looks like the judge did not fully agree with the husband because he ordered him to pay his soon-to-be ex-wife of 23 years extra money every month to cover her ice cream expenses.

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12. Give me back my kidney, literally

A British woman donated one of her kidneys to her husband to save his life. He survived, got better, and, four years later, left her. She was so angry, she demanded her kidney back. In a similar case in New York, a man asked that the value of the kidney he donated to his wife be included in the divorce settlement.

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13. Divorce therapy

Couples usually go to therapy to save a marriage, not to end it. But divorces are messy and even the most amicable separations can quickly turn ugly when it comes to dividing money and sharing children and pets. More couples are turning to divorce therapy to prevent that from happening. Counseling is not required but courts can order a couple to go through therapy before finalizing a divorce.

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14. No divorce before separation

People who hope for a quick divorce may not have their wish granted if they live in Delaware. The Court requires that the couple be separated for at least six months before proceeding with the divorce. There are a few exceptions, however. The legal dissolution of marriage can be quicker if the grounds for divorce are physical, mental, or psychological abuse, adultery, or desertion.

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15. Paternity is presumed

When a couple in Missouri gets a divorce, the male still has to pay alimony even if he is not the biological father of the child. The law in the state says that when a child is born to a woman while she is married or within 300 days of the divorce, her spouse is presumed to be the father. The only way to change that is to file a petition asking the court to determine he is not the biological father.