17 Really Weird Divorce Conditions and Settlements

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6. Split an apartment in two, judge’s orders

When you no longer want to live with your spouse but you can’t live on your own — a familiar phenomenon for some couples divorcing at the height of the financial crisis — you split your residence down the middle. This is what happened to a Spanish couple who lived in a 2,700-square-foot apartment. The judge ordered the couple to create two independent residences, because it would save them money and be better for their young daughters.

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7. Dig up parents’ graves

A couple in Australia was getting a divorce and she got the family farm. So far, so good — there is nothing strange about this arrangement. But then she wanted her soon-to-be ex to dig up his parents’ ashes from the yard, where he had created a memorial garden for them, and remove them from the property.

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8. Idiocy can be grounds for divorce

Right along with natural impotence, insanity, and a wife’s pregnancy by another person at the time of the marriage, idiocy can be used as grounds for divorce in Mississippi. According to the law, one of the spouses must not have known of the condition before getting hitched. “Incurable idiocy,” which develops during the course of the marriage is also a legal reason to get a divorce because of the impact it has on the marriage, according to the Mississippi Bar.

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9. Pay child support with royalties

Most artists hope that anything they create will be a hit. However, Marvin Gaye’s legendary “Here, My Dear” album was not intended to be a hit at all. He purposely made it sound terrible because half of the album’s profits were to go to his ex-wife. His lawyer had suggested this arrangement because Gaye did not have enough money to pay child support for the couple’s son.

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10. May be hard to get divorced while you’re pregnant

If a couple living in Texas want to get a divorce but the wife is pregnant, they may have to wait until the baby is born. Most courts in the state will not finalize a divorce if a child, even if it’s not the husband’s, is on its way. The reason is to make sure that matters regarding the child can be included in the final divorce ruling.