16 Warning Signs Your Child May Be Bullying Other Kids

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6. Breaks the rules

They may be too young to have heard of the expression “rules are meant to be broken,” but children break rules. It’s inevitable. Many kids, though, learn not to do it again. A child who bullies, however, may not understand it’s wrong and may often test the limits and boundaries, according to Ellis.

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7. Likes to manipulate

A child with a tendency to bully doesn’t always use physical threats or post insults online. Subtle bullies use manipulation. Bullying children are usually good at talking their way out of difficult and tense situations, Ellis said.

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8. Gets into fights

Sometimes children who bully have behavioral problems and are prone to fighting. They can easily get annoyed when they don’t get their way. They may also have a history of discipline problems.

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9. Hangs out with friends who bully

Children who bully usually have a lot of friends — or at least other children they hang out with. Some of them may be encouraging bullying behavior and a child may just want to fit in by joining in on the abuse.

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10. Aquires unexplained extra money

If a child comes home with extra cash, he or she may have stolen it from another kid. They may have used the money to buy something, so if a child comes home with new belongings and can’t explain how he or she got them, this may be a sign of bullying.