102 American Towns Founded Before the American Revolution

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83. Ste. Genevieve, Missouri
> Founded: 1735
> Population: 4,447

Ste. Genevieve was founded by French-Canadians. It was part of the region held by the French in North America.

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84. Richmond, Virginia
> Founded: 1737
> Population: 230,436

Richmond, named after a suburb of London, was founded in 1737 by Colonel William Byrd II after visiting the site four years earlier.

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85. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
> Founded: 1741
> Population: 75,110

A small group of Moravians, a Protestant denomination seeking religious freedom, settled on the banks of the Lehigh River and established a town there.

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86. Coventry, Rhode Island
> Founded: 1741
> Population: 35,014

Colonists led by Samuel Gorton purchased land from the Miantonomi Native Americans and incorporated the land into a township named for Coventry, England.

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87. Nashua, New Hampshire
> Founded: 1746
> Population: 89,355

The first settlers in Nashua were colonial English land speculators and soldiers. There was much fighting between the colonists and Native Americans in this region.

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88. Bennington, Vermont
> Founded: 1749
> Population: 14,964

Bennington was the first Vermont town to receive a town grant when it was chartered by Gov. Benning Wentworth. Bennington was the first town settled west of the Green Mountains.

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89. Alexandria, Virginia
> Founded: 1749
> Population: 159,428

To improve shipping in the region, Scottish and English merchants petitioned the Virginia General Assembly to create a town, which became Alexandria.

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90. Westminster, Vermont
> Founded: 1751
> Population: 307

Westminster, founded by English colonists, was part of New York state before it became part of Vermont. It is the oldest town in Vermont.

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91. Grafton, Vermont
> Founded: 1754
> Population: 679

The town was founded in 1754 and was originally called Thomlinson, after English business agent John Thomlinson. The name was later changed to Grafton.

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92. Hanover, New Hampshire
> Founded: 1761
> Population: 8,482

Colonists from Connecticut were granted a charter to create Hanover, a town that would become the home of Dartmouth College.