100 Most Talked About Scandals of the Decade

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51. Missouri football team goes on strike
> Year: 2015

University of Missouri football team went on strike to protest racist tensions at the school, refusing to practice or play until the school’s president stepped down, which he did.

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52. Hastert’s money trail
> Year: 2015

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was indicted for the Republican’s alleged attempts to hide a trail of money paid to a student he allegedly molested when he was a teacher in Illinois.

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53. Veterans Administration mess
> Year: 2015

The Veterans Administration dealt with a slew of problems in 2015, among them refusal to fire officials who stole $400,000 from the agency and claims the administration was blocking promised benefits. Whistleblower allegations claimed that one in three vets had died while awaiting to be enrolled in the VA’s benefits program.

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54. Chicago coverup of shooting of African-American teen
> Year: 2015

After a video of the incident surfaced, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was accused of allegedly covering up the shooting by city police of an African-American teen during his campaign for re-election.

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55. Wells Fargo’s fake accounts
> Year: 2016

Wells Fargo’s aggressive sales tactics led to the creation of millions of fake customer accounts.

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56. Sex scandal brings down Ailes
> Year: 2016

Roger Ailes was forced out as chairman and CEO of Fox News after former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson’s lawsuit alleging sexual harassment became public.

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57. EpiPen price gouging scandal
> Year: 2016

Pharmaceutical company Mylan faced congressional scrutiny after the company had increased the price of the EpiPen, an emergency treatment of severe allergic reaction (anaphylactic shock), since it bought the company that made the device in 2007.

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58. Samsung battery recall
> Year: 2016

Batteries for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 had to be recalled because they were exploding. The Federal Aviation Administration eventually banned the devices from domestic flights.

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59. Hoverboards ignite
> Year: 2016

The hoverboards favored by pre-teens and teens were recalled after some battery packs on the self-balancing scooters caught fire.

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60. Airbnb accused of racism, prostitution
> Year: 2016

Airbnb, one of the symbols of the gig economy, was accused of racism and of running afoul of local zoning ordinances.